Anger Management: Anger management counseling in Austin

Learn, in a classroom setting, how to manage and transform anger into positive and creative behavior.

Anger management counseling in Austin in both counseling and classes.  This class is just that, a class.  It’s a place to learn about anger, about the impact it has on our lives and relationships and it provides a set of tools for change.

The classes are small, meet for about an hour and a half, once a week for ten weeks and are taught by a highly qualified and licensed counselor.  In this interactive format you can ask questions relating to your specific needs and also learn about the experiences of others.

In our classes you will learn

The positive and negative aspects of anger as an emotion

The connection between addictive behaviors and negative emotions

The consequences of learning inappropriate responses to anger

The anger and aggression connection to ideas of power and control

Physical, mental and emotional techniques to help diffuse anger

How to recognize high-risk situations

How to transform anger into a positively motivating emotion

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